Glamorous Red Carpet Makeup How To:

"These crucial steps are important to getting that polished look.."

It’s Oscar time!  The most anticipated Award show of the season and I absolutely love love love to see what everyone is wearing and of course to see what wonderful things they did with their makeup and hair. There are a few staple favourites of actresses that get 5 stars pretty much 100% of the... Read more »

Hot Summer Look…With The Right Makeup

How to: get a warm summer nights makeup just right!

So if everyone could take a moment to reflect with me in regards to your childhood specifically and the memories we have as kids, are they good or bad? While I am sure we all had our ups and downs, one of my favourite memories was of my... Read more »

Be Wedding Ready In 4 Important Steps

"Your skin will be glowing and prepped for the perfect makeup application."

Get the best skin:

Get on a schedule with your skin therapist/facialist at least 2 months ahead to get your skin prepped and ready to go. That way, come a few weeks before the wedding, your skin will have gone through what it needs... Read more »

How To: Contour and Highlight like a PRO

"You want to recede the areas that naturally recede and highlight the areas that are at a higher point on the face".

There are many different ways to contour, many different products you could use and many many different people that show you how. So just to let you know right off the bat, this post is for everyday people and everyday life. The last thing I want to do is show you how to contour... Read more »