Valentines Day Makeup

"Way back when, woman started using blush..."
VDAY Makeup



Happy Valentines Day!


Here is a little makeup inspiration for the day, whether its soft and sultry or sexy and bold, try something different but here are my best tips for toady;


Lip Liner:

Is a must today. Mo matter what colour lip you choose, draw your lip line a little over so you get that full pronounced lip.

Eye Liner:

Pencil, liquid, or gel. Soft or super graphic. Eyeliner really helps to enhance our eye shape and colour so a must for today to have those romantic eyes.


Way back when, woman started using blush centuries before us because the appearance of a flush gave men the Impression of a healthy woman. It was attractive, so woman would use all sorts of things to flush their cheeks.

Have a good one!

L x