Top Picks from the SAG Awards

"Emilia Clark is so strong willed, and ambitious.."

The SAG Awards are one of my favourite as it is was so amazing seeing so many talented actors from both Film and Television in one place. A lot of my personal favourites were so dressed up I hardly recognized them, mostly because there characters are either ruling Queens or convicts.

Pick #3

Although Daenerys Targaryen is my favourite character on television she comes last on my list. Emilia Clark is so strong willed, and ambitious with her blonde hair and natural beauty in Game of Thrones and then to see her in her more natural hair colour and beautifully done soft makeup and in a stunning kind of regal gown, yet she is still owning a style of cape.

Emilia Clarke

Pick #2

The convict, Dayanara Diaz (Daya) Sweet yet sassy she is my most loveable character in Orange Is The New Black. What a smashing babe, Dascha Polanco walked down the red carpet in white lace with long sleeves and a high neck, so very elegant. Paired with a sleek pony and seamless makeup she was sure to turn many heads.

Dascha Polanco


Pick #1

Emma Stone, lets face it, always looks amazing. She usually plays it safe and her hair and makeup are always flawless! Emma really hit home for me with this blazer-dress piece. I mean its way more than just a piece. The beauty of it all is that it’s so simple yet beautifully orchestrated. Thumbs up in my books, and I would wear that in a heartbeat. Hair and makeup like I mentioned is flawless per usual but I would like to see her spice it up one day. Until then I will sit back and admire.


Emma Stone


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