How to: Get That Bold Spring Lip

A fresh face with subtle enhancements is a great look especially when pairing with a bold outfit!

Alright, alright!….is my way of expressing my excitement for Spring! I feel as though the weather is actually getting warmer so its definitely time to start showing a little spring flare. Now I met this women the other day, she came into BeautyMark and I was helping her to quickly grab something she needed and then she was out the door, but what happened in that short time frame really got me feeling sad. She commented on the top I was wearing and how lovely it was, fresh and bright, she loved the pattern. Then went on to compliment me on my lip colour as it was a bright fun colour also.

Pattern S:S 2014-#2 Floral S:S 2014-#2 Colour S:S 2014-#2

She seemed to really love the colours I was wearing and next she asked me where I got it from, I told her and said “they told me they only had 1 or 2 left so you should go grab it”! She then said ” oh no, I only wear black, I never wear colour OR pattern. Its too much for me” This made me so upset, and frankly I just felt bad for her, I thought how crazy, that women don’t feel comfortable wearing colour, or pattern? Its such an amazing way to express who we are and oh how we can enhance our natural beauty with colour also! I could go on and on. This woman was so sweet but I did want to knock her over the head and say get a grip! I would have transformed her right then and there but that would definitely have been inappropriate.

Bright Lip S:S2014 #2So on that note…COLOUR! Please do me a favour and promise to go out and pick up at least ONE fun Lipstick colour to add to your kits this Spring? Pretty please! The power you feel whilst wearing it, the confidence. Its so empowering and I think everyone deserves to treat themselves this way.

For my how to, my lip inspiration was from the DKNY Spring/Summer 2014 runway look. A fresh face with subtle enhancements is a great look especially when pairing with a bold outfit!DKNY S:S 2014 beauty


A clean fresh face is always the start of a great makeup look, so do that first! (How To: Skincare soon to come) I find I like this the best on a day off as its a super easy look to create in seriously 5 minutes. Thanks to Tayler, a fellow makeup artist/co-worker and friend, for forgetting her foundation on a recent trip , she discovered an amazing makeup combo.  She shared her secret with me and I now have to share it with all of you. So you need 2 things, Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer (which has an SPF 30 bonus! and pearl powder for illumination), and Stila’s Perfecting Concealer, or any concealer that has a creamier consistency. Mix a (small) dollop of each into the palm of your (clean) hands and start dabbing on the forehead, nose and chin, then blend your product outward for even coverage. Such a nice coverage without being too heavy and it just adds a glow to the skin. I would then add a touch of Polka Dots and Moonbeams from Ilia, to the bridge of nose, cheek bones, brow bone and cupids bow. Whilst your fingers are still warm (from not using a tool of any kind btw), apply a cream blush. The blush of choice, to blend well with the lip colour I chose, is Paula Dorf’s Tempo. Apply to the apples and blend towards your ear. Next dust a super light loose powder all over to seal the deal and then swipe on that fabulous new lip colour you purchased for yourself. I love a matte colour with this look as everything else is light and dewy so it gives a nice contrast. My choice being a vibrant orange shade called Timeless from Kevyn Aucoin. Done and done, seriously takes no time at all, pair it with a spicy outfit and you got a look for a night out or combine a pair of boyfriend jeans and a white tee with chuck taylors for a casual lunch with a girlfriend.

Until next time guys, thanks for reading and please share your looks with me!

L x

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    Great write up Laura – I agree, Orange is the new Spring colour!

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