The ‘Outside The Box’ Valentine Gift

"There is a solution, give the gift of STYLE!"
Valentine Collage

Photo Collage: Inspirational street style for Valentines Day.

Starting at top right clockwise;  Adding a red pant with a printed sweater, it just happens to have hearts, subtle way of hinting Vday yet not looking over kill. Bottom; Beautiful soft side swept locks, and a little drama in the eye makeup yet keeping the look sultry and soft at the same time. Left; Casual, comfortable with a bit of edgy cool vibe, any gal would want that guy. Top Left; Little see through blouse and cool shades goes a long way. Centre; A bit of fun!


Its getting closer…Yup, Valentines Day is around the corner. Do you not have a gift for your Valentine, be it boy or girl?

There is a solution, give the gift of STYLE! A one on one personal shopper, someone to help guide you to your best self through your personal style, and allowing you to open your mind to new possibilities that give you confidence everyday yet still staying true to who you are.

Many of us out there struggle everyday to feel great going out into the world and a lot of it has to do with our confidence. Most of us usually struggle with what to wear every morning and that is where it begins.

This service will help open up your minds to new things, and explore your own sense of style. Everyone has it, we just need to do a little digging to bring it out in each of you.

Interested in more details? You can check out my Services page or please contact me HERE! for further details and bookings.

Happy Valentines Shopping!