Be New Years Eve Party Ready!

"...New Years Eve is the night where there is no such thing as too much..."

There is a lot of hype when it comes to New Year’s Eve, many parties to choose from so what party to go to? or just stay in with a few friends? Either way it is still a reason to celebrate.

Whats next is what to wear? I feel as though there is no need to go out and buy something new every year. As long as through out the years you pick up pieces that can be worn again, and again.

My top 3:

The classic dress:



 The Added Sparkle:




 The statement piece:



If you keep these in rotation, you are sure to find something to where if plans were to pop up at last minute!


As for your makeup, it depends on what you decide wear,  actually, scratch that, what am I thinking, it doesn’t matter what your wearing.


Find a look you love like a classic or a look you want to try out and go for it! As long as it is not your first run of makeup then New Years Eve is the night where there is no such thing as too much so get your sparkle on!

The Classic Look:



The Added Sparkle:

NYE 2014


Please be safe and have fun! Comment below if you have any styling/makeup questions for the big night!