Makeup Lessons

Have you always wanted to pull off that perfect cat liner but thought it was too much of a task? or what about the ever and always popular smokey eye? These makeup looks amongst so many are easier than you think to accomplish and not time consuming believe it or not.
That is why having a professional makeup artist there to show you what colours suite you, what style of makeup suits you most importantly, and help give you confidence to go out and rock what look is suited and easiest for you to achieve.

What to know more?

Group Makeup Lesson

Get the girls together (and guys) for a group lesson (up to 4 people) that everyone can learn different techniques from and have fun with.

The group lessons are very beneficial because you will all have different concerns and that way it can broaden your skill level with each certain topic. For example, if your mom taught you that you should never wear eyeliner on the bottom, that isn’t always true as each person has different features so you cannot always use the same technique on every eyeshape.

Pick 2 topics that you would like to learn more about and I will demonstrate how to achieve each look.e.g. How do I get a fresh, non cake makeup look? or Where are you actually meant to apply blush?
You will then try it for yourself with my guidance. I will recommend products and brands that are suited to each of you.

Who doesn’t want a night of fun with your closest friends learning intimate in person beauty tips and tricks suited to YOU?

Nothing is magic though – Practice makes perfect!

$500 – 3hrs

One on One Makeup Lesson

I go through your current makeup kit with you and make use of what you already have. I also show you other ways of getting the best use out of your current makeup, offer suggestions of brands and products for you to replenish or get if you need it.

Have a tip or trick that you are dying to try? I will guide you in the right direction and get you to try it on your own with my guidance.

If you are just looking to spruce up your look? I can show you a few different techniques to look and feel your best every day.

$150 – 1hr

Want a little more help?

Extra Time

$50 – 1/2hr

$100 – 1hr

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