Is Your Drugstore Blowdryer up to the Challenge?

"you can have way better hair days, less drying time, and very little frizz"

A little story that started the idea for this post-

Bad Hair vs Good HairI was staying over at my parents house one day and after my shower in the morning I asked to use my mom’s blowdryer. After at least 15 minutes of terrible pulling, excess heat and no power I was completely frustrated and had a massive knot in my hair. I could not get over how bad this blowdryer was, how coarse my hair felt. I could not stop trying to fix my hair throughout the day and even had to wash it next day when I only wash twice per week(ugh). After washing my hair I was so thankful to be back in the hands of my amazing dryer that dries my hair in 7 minutes and keeps it smooth and shiny (seriously).


I am probably not speaking to some of you when I strongly say “ditch your crappy drugstore blowdryer” as you have a good blowdryer. What does that even mean? I will tell you, a good blowdryer is one that dries your hair quickly and efficiently. Your hand or arm shouldn’t hurt and depending on your hair type should not take longer than 10 minutes to dry. The proper way to dry your hair is section by section. That way you do not keep drying the same hairs that are already dry therefore further damaging those delicate strands. Very important!

Top suggestions you have a crappy blowdryer;

1.You’ve spent 20 minutes in agonizing pain.

2.You need to take another shower because your dripping in sweat.

3.Your hair is coarse and frizzy.


If none of these applies to you then congratulations. If your ‘um’-ing at any of the above listed then I promise you can have way better hair days, less drying time, and very little frizz. A good blowdryer is one that is at least a 1700 Wattage. The higher the watts the better the ‘engine’ = better for your strands. You don’t need to spend a fortune on the best of the best but you will be so thankful for your fantastic blowdryer every time you use it. A good price point is around $150 you can go up to $400-$500 but thats not necessary. Choose a PRO brand not a drugstore and your hair and scalp will thank you for years to come.

I own the Legacy One Blowdryer which I absolutely love or another great affordable brand is Babyliss Pro. Your dryer should have at least a one year warranty and will definitely last longer than a drugstore dryer.

L x

Have a Great Hair Day

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