How to: Wear that perfect summer dress..and Rock it!

Avoid the celebrity style nip slips

No bra dressWe have all been there, we have a dress or a top that has fun straps, cut-outs or plunging neck line, but we just cannot figure out how to wear the damn thing and not have our ta ta’s hanging all over the place. Most of us who are practical feelRi Ri no bra dress the need to wear something underneath so that we aren’t showing off too much or giving too much away (you know what I mean). I have summed up a few perfectly great items that you can use under many of your garments. It may take a skip and a jump for some of you not living in Vancouver to get them but it will be worth it. Trust.

Nip Slip Solution #1:

Silicone Cover ups-Hollywood Fashion Secrets @BeautyMark 1268 Pacific Blvd. Vancouver, B.C.

Best way to use these little miracles is underneath anything that you don’t want your nips showing through. (aka. RiRi) Perfect for sheer fabrics and swimsuits.

Nip Slip Solution #2:

No Show Concealers-Hollywood Fashion Secrets @BeautyMark 1268 Pacific Blvd. Vancouver, B.C.

Similar to the Silicone, only difference I would say is these buggers are not goin no where! Super sticky, they could last on you at least one week. (I do not recommend that though). Perfect for bra-less dresses or tops, lace bra’s that do not have padding and swimwear!

Plunging neckline

Nip Slip Solution #3:Backless dress

U-Plunge Backless Push Up Bra-Victorias Secret @ 750 Burrard Street, Vancouver, B.C.

If you are not comfortable having your girls resting freely, or frankly your ladies need a little bit more support, you could opt for this wonder. Decently comfortable and perfect for those plunging necklines and backless dresses or tops. It takes care of both issues.

Nip Slip Solution #4: 

 The Bralette or Bra top-Urban Outfitters830 Granville St, Vancouver, BCBralette Black

Not only is this style super trendy right now but its perfect for summer as the fabric is ultra light and it makes you feel that much more feminine. Great for crop tops, open tanks and t-shirts…anything really.

Overall have fun with it and don’t stress there is a way! If you have anything you would like to add that has worked for you or if you have any questions please comment below or email me personally.


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