How To: The Whimsical Lavender Eye for Spring!

#1 Do not be afraid! #2 A brighter or more prominent colour is only scary because you think it will go on that pigmented. It will not!

Blog S:S 2014There is nothing more fun than to express yourself with makeup, but more importantly to express it with colour! I am all about colour this spring ( I know…you get it) which I am sure a lot of us are, but I especially wanted to show everyone how to wear it, and rock it frankly. #1 Do not be afraid! #2 A brighter or more prominent colour is only scary because you think it will go on that pigmented. It will not! (I will tell you how) I find the best shades are those that stare out at us.  Applying a smaller amount of product to get your desired look is so much easier than something softer that you have to build and build. Plus you just get the colour you want, straight up. I don’t know about you but I want to save time whilst getting ready!

imgres-1So the fun thing about switching up your style with makeup is very similar to switching up your style with clothing. for example; if you want to wear a fun floral frock or geometric pant and shirt, are you gonna go so bold with your makeup? No, your gonna go more simple…or at least you should. You cant go BOLD outfit and BOLD makeup. They do not go hand in hand. So on that note, when I want to rock all the fun and exciting prints this spring I will be toning down the makeup, but in turn making the whole look  just fabulous!


holly-fulton-beauty-backstage-spring-summer-rtw-2014-look-04HOW TO:

Always always prep the skin people. Especially if you have an event going on I would absolutely exfoliate. Then follow with a hydrating toner, serum and moisturizer. (I know it seems like a lot of steps but seriously just spritz your face with hydrating toner and apply a pump of serum and moisturizer mix in your hands and apply together).

Apply a sheer-medium coverage foundation or whatever coverage you prefer, you do want a nice even tone always, so do whatever suits you. I always use an eye primer, its going to keep the shadow in place without creasing and will enhance the pigment also.

All you need for this look is 2 shadows. A neutral (Wet Sand from Paula Dorf has a touch of shimmer) and a lavender/Lilac with subtle shimmer.

Holly FultonSweep on the neutral all over your lid and sweep along the bottom lash line. Then with your Lavender/Lilac shade you basically want to start at the crease line and build your way up into the brow bone from outer corner to inner. Grab a fluffy blending brush to tie them in a little and your seriously done! The runway look has individual lashes on the bottom lash line which is fun but I would leave that out and stick to a few coats of mascara and add a few more on the bottom for fun. Give yourself a little contour with this look, I suggest a Matte Bronzer and with a soft angled brush make the shape of a number 3 on each side of your face, blending obviously, and make it subtle! Concentrate a little more on bringing the colour from your ear right under the cheekbone and swipe under the cheekbone towards the centre of your face. (DO NOT go close to your lip whatsoever!) Fill in the brows lightly with my favourite Geisha Ink Brow Pen in Light or Dark hair. As for lips choose a neutral colour, I would dab a bit of my foundation on my lips then follow with a subtle tint of colour or gloss. Finish with a swipe of translucent powder (always).

I truly hope you find some inspiration in this look as I did, easter dinners and parties are around the corner so its a super easy look to pull off and thats what its all about!

L x

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