Glamorous Red Carpet Makeup How To:

"These crucial steps are important to getting that polished look.."

It’s Oscar time!  The most anticipated Award show of the season and I absolutely love love love to see what everyone is wearing and of course to see what wonderful things they did with their makeup and hair. There are a few staple favourites of actresses that get 5 stars pretty much 100% of the time, they just can do no wrong.

That list is;

Red Carpet Makeup

Now there are many reasons why these lovely ladies get it right, but the main thing is, they always do classic, never too much and oh so appropriate! You really have to consider the kind of makeup needed for each individual event you are attending. These woman of hollywood nail it every time…for me that is.

So get out your makeup bags and here a few simple steps to make sure you are Red Carpet Ready!


The Subject makeup we are recreating is Kate Winslet;



#1 Skin


Skin is the most important part of getting that fresh faced, healthy glow. For a huge event like this you want to make sure you prep the skin the night before especially if your skin tends to get a little red from doing scrubs or masks. Exfoliate with something gentle yet effective and follow with a rejuvenating, or moisture mask, whichever you feel is best for your skin at the time. If you want leave the mask on overnight! Apply your eye cream, serum and moisturizer then allow to absorb before applying primer.

#2 Face


Prime Prime Prime! This is a must! My absolute favourite is the Skin Perfect Primer by Dermalogica. SPF, pearl powder and a hint of tint plus keeps your makeup on all day whilst helping keep that glow. Choose a stay all day foundation such as Era, and always use a brightening concealer. The best way to apply is with the ever so fabulous Beauty Blender, airbrush finish every time. Make sure to apply a cream highlighter to keep your glow fresh and a cream blush before you set your makeup with a powder.

I then always use a powder blush to soften out the complexion and a powder contour along with a hint of bronzer to finish the face.


#3 Eyes

Kate has a very soft look with her eyes here, it goes to show how her natural beauty only needs a little help to be enhanced. Choose a neutral eye palette, and use the cream/taupe shade all over the lid and just in the outer corner add a a hint of a darker shade and pull through the crease, using a fluffy blending brush to soften all or any edges. Use the highlighter shade and apply in the inner corner of the eye and on the lower lash line, then also on the brow bone.

Grab a pencil eyeliner and draw a thin line all across the lid, slightly flicking up at the outer corner. Then use a flat eye liner brush to soften the line and with what remains on the brush, pull the brush along the bottom lash line just at the outer corner. Next is a few coats of a do it all mascara on top and bottom.

Fill in the brows and make sure they stay all day with the Geisha Brow Pen.


#4 Lips

Soft and rosy lips are the perfect way to finish a glamorous look such as this. Always exfoliate the lips and hydrate well before applying any colour. Then line the lips, and throw the liner into the lip also just to ensure your lip colour lasts longer. Apply lip colour and blot then repeat that step 3 times to really ensure lasting power.


#5 Set

Always finish with a setting spray such as a spray toner, my favourites are Mario Badescu, Dermalogica or Era Spray Primer (try it its amazing).

These crucial steps are important to getting that polished look, once you have the right tools and the expert tips to get it your are so set!


Let me know your favourite Red Carpet Look in the comments below and ask me any questions!