How To: Crimson Lips…forever?

"...woke up to look into the mirror and what revealed was a fresh natural rouge lip"

Crimson&Clover LipstickWhat a great and wonderful thing that just happened to occur without intention. The ever so popular Ilia Pure Lip Care is such a fantastic lipstick line I cannot preach more about. I woke up to look into the mirror and what revealed was a fresh natural rouge lip. The colour is so powerful it literally stained my lips.

A fan Favourite and frankly the shade that is Ilia in a nutshell is Crimson and Clover. I believe it is the most flattering shade for most if not all skin types. A wonderful vibrant red with the perfect mix of rouges to brighten anyones day. But what is so special about it is its long wearing capability whilst still being good for you! (Organic) Over the last year I have used Crimson for my lip of choice quite a few times,  but more recently every night I go out. Not only is it such a flattering shade, the best part about it is the next morning.

Ever so smooth, luxurious, hydrating, colourful, and such beautiful formulations. I feel so great every time I put one on, and that is why this line is so addicting. The ever growing brand keeps swooning more and more fans, whatever they have done, they have done it very well.

I am addicted. Try it:

Ilia Crimson Swatch


Apply a lip scrub, work in and swipe away.

Apply Crimson & Clover (thats right, no lip balm first as Ilia’s formula is super hydrating and best applied straight to the natural lip.)

Note:If you find you naturally bleed to lipsticks then apply a lip liner first.

Blot. Apply again. Blot. Apply again. I usually blot 3 times and finish with an application to ensure the pigment is set, so if you drink or eat the layers will slowly reveal themselves yet still looking fabulous.

Wash face before bed and wake up in the morning to a naturally stained lip. Can’t go wrong friends. Try it tonight!


You can find Ilia at BeautyMark and if you can’t get down to the store we do ship throughout Canada.

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