Hot Summer Look…With The Right Makeup

How to: get a warm summer nights makeup just right!

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So if everyone could take a moment to reflect with me in regards to your childhood specifically and the memories we have as kids, are they good or bad? While I am sure we all had our ups and downs, one of my favourite memories was of my sister, when we used to play dress up and go through my moms clothes, makeup and products….at least I remember doing that. Then as adults my sister used to ask me to do her makeup for, pretty much, every event or party she was going to. There was about a two year period where we lived less than a block from each other so you can just image all the hard work she put me through. (just kidding) The great thing was I got to practice as I had just gotten out of makeup school and she got to sit back and relax while getting her makeup done.

Fast forward 4 years or so later and all that time passed I hadn’t done her makeup because well, she moved province. I get spoiled because she comes up to Vancouver for work a lot so I see her at least once every other month.

A few weeks ago we were having the best day filled with bike riding, family and sun, felt like we were young again. I got us ready for dinner at my place whilst enjoying a cocktail and it brought back those great memories we used to have more often. I love enhancing my sister’s natural beauty as she does not need a stitch of makeup (that is why I like to get my hands on her, she puts too much on) and this is what I used-


 A brightening concealer, one of my all time favourites from Veil Cosmetics. Warm bronzer with a hint of shimmer, a dab of pink blush on the cheeks, and the always staple liquid eyeliner. Simple, fresh makeup for a warm summer night. She always has to finish with her staple bright fuchsia pink lip (her own). Then we just had some fun taking a few pics.

If you have a story like this one you would like to share I would love to hear it! Please comment below.

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