Grad Makeup

"Here are a few tips and tricks to keep you looking chic and fabulous for the big celebration."

Grad Season is upon us and if you ran out of time and haven’t hired your Makeup Artist already do you think you can tough it on your own? If so, here are a few tips and tricks to keep you looking chic and fabulous for the big celebration.

Here’s How:

Tip #1 | Skin Prep


I cannot say it strongly enough, we have bad habits when we are young with late nights studying or staying out past curfew and we neglect our skin, so get in the regime by cleansing every night before bed with a gentle cleanser that also removes your makeup. –Metamorphosis Botanical Face Wash with Pink Grapefruit Oil.Grad Makeup_Fotor

I like to follow up with my exfoliant in the morning so its fresh for my makeup, use a gentle exfoliant that removes all those skin cells we don’t want – Dermalogica – Clear Start – Pore Cleansing Scrub ( can also buy in store at Beautymark Yaletown)


Once we have cleansed and exfoliated we need to keep the skin replenished so follow with a moisture suitable to your skin type such as Dermalogica, Linacare, or Consonant 100% Natural Skin Care.

Tip #2 | Makeup


Now that our skin is prepped our makeup will go on flawlessly. ALWAYS use a Primer! Then with a lightweight Foundation apply Hailee-Steinfeld_Fotorwith a Beauty Blender starting form the centre of the face (Nose, Forehead, Chin) and blend outwards. Make sure to blend into the neck so you don’t get that dreaded foundation line on your jawline. Apply Concealer to any areas needing a bit of extra coverage such as blemishes and under the eyes, that will also open them up.

To get that extra glow apply a Cream Highlight to the top of the cheekbones, cupids bow, and bridge of nose. Set your foundation with a Compact Powder or for oilier skin types use a Translucent Powder. Apply Blush to apples of the cheeks and a hit of Bronzer to your forehead, temples, and underneath cheek bones. Dab a bit on the nose and chin.

For this next part its best to decide whether you will do an eye focus or lip focus before you begin.


This is where you can let your imagination get the best of you. Don’t go overboard but this is where you can play around and glam it up a bit, maybe add a hint of sparkle. Heck,  add a little more!miranda-kerr-_Fotor


Depending on how dramatic you went with your eyes, you should go subtle with your lip, or if you went easy on the eyes then go bold with your lip. You’ve made this decision before you started remember. Also depending on what colour of dress you have is how you can decide what colour of lip. Go with something comfortable that you will feel fabulous in either way.


Some Pro suggestions:

Bold Lip | Ilia’s Ink Pot (definitely daring, but will get attention)

Subtle Lip | Charlotte Tilbury’s Penelope Pink ( subtle with a bit more pigment)


Product Brand Recommendations:

Charlotte Tilbury


Kevyn Aucoin


Beauty Blender




Click the links above to find where to buy


Have some questions? or looking to book a Makeup Artist for your upcoming Grad?

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