Get a Fresh Summer Look Stat! Here’s How-

"Having the right dose of rouge on the cheek is a sure way to get a fresh face, makes you look and feel alive."

Wanting a simple, no fuss fresh makeup look? I think i’ve got just the trick for you. Usually this time of year we are changing our knits and layers for sheer blouses, dresses and sandals and i’d like to put that same idea into your skincare and makeup.

Miranda-Kerr Summer Look

1. Opt for a lighter weight moisturizer – Our skin tends to produce more moisture when the weather gets warmer so no need to keep lathering on your heavy duty dry skin cream.

2. Go lighter with your Foundation – Don’t bother getting a new foundation, just simply mix a little of your liquid foundation in with your moisturizer for a sheer look. Another great way to brighten and sheer the skin is to mix in a little luminizer with your foundation- Start in the centre of the face and blend your way outward, you will find you’ll use less product this way.

3.Touch of Bronze Eyeshadow -A swipe of bronze shadow on the lid is always a classic way to freshen up-Apply on the lid and swipe underneath the eye. Use a highlighting powder on brow bone and inner corner. Finish with a double dose of volumizing mascara and your eyes are radiant.

4. Fill those Brows – Making sure you have a groomed brow is essential to a polished look wether you are just taking the dogs for a walk, or going to a meeting. Its such a simple step to always look and feel put together. I recommend a few light strokes of a stay all day brow pen and your on your way.

5. Blushing Beauty – Having the right dose of rouge on the cheek is a sure way to get a fresh face, makes you look and feel alive. Its definitely the time of year you can go for a touch of shimmer in your blush. Apply a the apples and blend.

6. Pink Pout – For a big bang choose a rich pigment lipstick so it stays put, and layer a punchy pink gloss over top. Deal is sealed

Always wear sunscreen and finish your look with a touch of powder, translucent is best for warmer months.


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