Feel and Look Fresh EVERY Morning

"Expressing yourself your way, that is what matters"

Are you waking up feeling groggy and tired? Pressed the snooze button one too many times? I cannot believe that I of all people am saying this but some of us just do not need as much sleep as we think we do. Some of us even function better on less sleep, so who wouldn’t want that? I do not mean that we should all be getting less than 7 hours because I disagree with that. A healthy sleep time is between 7-8 hours any more is just too much. Start by setting your alarm a half hour earlier.

1.Go for a run

Whats next? Hop out of bed and slap on your running shoes. A bit of fresh air is the prefect medicine to feel alive. Get a good half hour in and you will be thanking the energy gods later in the day.


Come back and drink at least one massive cup of water to start it off(a lemon in there is bonus points for cleansing your liver). I always make myself a delicious protein filled, nutrient rich smoothie every morning (especially after your jog). I also make a coffee along with it for that added kick in the morning, what I’ve recently discovered – coconut milk in my latte. Frothy, a little sweet, delicious, non-dairy (for those lactose intolorant people out there). Its perfect!


If you are washing your hair, 1.brush your hair first to ensure that you are cleansing all your strands and preventing any knots. Hop in the shower. Rinse your hair, and lather your shampoo in your hands first, then apply to the roots and nape of the neck. The ends of your hair do not need the focus here or you will over dry your hair. Rinse.

2.Grab your hair into a ponytail and squeeze out any excess water, then apply your conditioner just to the bottom half of that ponytail. If you are doing your weekly hair masks then no need to leave the conditioner in long, rinse it out.

3.Get out your loofah and wash your body after you have washed and conditioned your hair as there could be reminisce of product that could build up on your skin and clog the pores.

4.Lastly wash your face. After all that steam has given your skin a mini facial its perfect to get cleansed and rinse well with luke warm water. Too hot of water is not good for the precious skin on your face. I have always had a habit of rinsing with cold water on my hair and face, it tightens up the hair cuticle and closes the pores on the skin.


All over, while your skin is still a little damp and do not forget your sunscreen and your skin is ready to face the day.

Makeup. We all feel better with a little dab of makeup to even out our skin and enhance our features. Expressing yourself your way, that is what matters, but especially this time of year the skin needs to breathe a little more with warmer weather and applying a thick foundation is not the way to go. Stick to a light-medium coverage or just use a tinted moisturizer and little concealer. Freshen the face with blush a couple coats of mascara and throw on a fun lip. Good to go!fVjzx


Feel free to let those natural locks air dry to a nice beachy look (with a little help of a beach spray). If your like me and need a little help to liven your locks, apply a volumizing mousse or spray along with a conditioning UVA/UVB primer for the ends. Blow dry with a round brush and away we go.


I usually contemplate what to wear whilst I’m getting ready, as I truly believe it depends on your mood that day along with the weather of course. Always think outside the box, mix and match things that you haven’t tried yet, and make sure to give yourself a good 5 minutes creating your look for the day as you do not want to be rushing out the door.

Practice these simple ways to getting your morning started the right way and hen start moulding your own routine.

SWITCH IT UP! Make sure to do a different exercise or make a different breakfast so you do not do the same things every morning. This will keep you mind fresh.


What do you do to start your morning right? Let me know in the comments below!