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"..Trying different pieces of clothing on that you wouldn't normally have picked for yourself is a great way to open up the mind..."
Jessica & I Image Consult

We have all been there, wake up in the morning, go to the closet and struggle with what to wear. Day in and day out, its a constant struggle to find what goes with what, and if something doesn’t fit right, then you scrap that choice, or if you cant find the right accessory its all over and you start again. It can be a very painful process for some if not most.

Take Jessica for example, mother of three young boys, all the care she has goes to those boys and all of the other loved ones around her as that is most of all a mothers and woman’s instinct. No more pedicures and afternoon drinks with the girls (well not nearly as often). Women let themselves go as they have families to give and care for so they stop caring for their own needs as much.

I had the privilege to work with Jessica recently on getting her style back. Finding some new pieces that could work with her already existing ones. The girl has style, don’t get me wrong, she just left it out of her everyday agenda. So we went shopping to look specifically for items that Jessica was mainly concerned with or thought she needed to know how to style better.


The breakdown


The Initial Consult:

Finding out exactly what Jessica wanted to achieve with her style at the end of the day.  Figuring out the main focus and what is most important to Jessica’s style goals is imperative to getting the most benefit out of this experience. It allows us to really focus on the main concerns and not get lost in other things.

Kathryn's Look Book 2Shopping 101:

Gives the client the ability to play around and learn new styles, cuts, and textures. Trying different pieces of clothing on that you wouldn’t normally have picked for yourself is a great way  to open up the mind and think different about your choices when your shopping on your own or putting together an outfit.

Look Books:

This is a style collage that I put together for each client individually and personally. It gives the client lots of visual styling ideas personally suited to them so they get more ideas and more so gives them more confidence and ability putting together pieces on their own.


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