How To: Wear the Aqua-Blue eyes Seen on all the Celebrities

Lupita-Nyongo Aqua EyesI am usually not a fan of blue eyeshadow very often and I think it ‘s because it’s not used properly most of the time and therefore people get judged on it. You want to take in consideration the shade of blue and your skin type. A great example for darker tones is Lupita Nyongo’s beautiful aqua/violet eye. For fair skin tones such as Taylor Swift, who often rocks some blue liner, you usually don’t want to go too sky blue or you will look like Barbie. Taylor-Swift Aqua EyesSomething with a pop is fantastic especially if you have blue eyes yourself. Then there is the option of soft blue tones also which can look so fairy tale like aka Cinderella anyone? A good option too for most eyes and skin types is a dark/midnight blue. Easily rocked anytime. I am going to follow up with a video on this one as I know it would be easier visually than written, but for you makeup pro’s out there here are my suggestions to pull off the best Aqua eyes.


Every great makeup starts with a great base which is your skin. Always remember this and your looks will always be fool proof. I would absolutely start with an eye primer so it can bring out the true tone of blue you have chosen and that way you don’t have blue shadow under your eyes after you’ve perfected your base.

LUPITA’S LOOK:  Start straight away with your aqua blue in the inner corner of the eye and blend to centre. Grab a violet shade and start at the outer corner and blend in to meet with the blue. Follow with a yellow undertone highlight for the brown bone and get a fluffy blending brush and blend your shadows so they are seamless. Finish the eye with a touch of black liner at the base and a few coats of mascara. Apply your base and add a touch of rosy blush and a swipe of soft pink gloss.

TAYLOR’S LOOK:  Apply a soft brown eyeshadow all over the lid focusing more on the crease. Grab an awesome shade of aqua liner and start lining your top lid from inner corner to outer pulling further to create a little cat eye. Then follow underneath the eye and meet up to the inner corner again. smudge the colour out to thicken the line up and blend. Finish the eye with a simple swipe of black liner at the base and stop at the outer lash line. Load on some mascara or false lashes and done, next, start creating your makeup base. Smooth on a touch of bronzer as your blush and finish the look with a soft nude or a little coral as seen on Taylor.

Nicole-Richie Aqua EyesNICOLE’S LOOK: Your shade of blue must look a light blue frost, or you could always add a little frosty shade on top of a cold blue which I found got me the desired shade. Apply your shadow concentrated just on the eye lid not receding past the crease. Use a super neutral shadow in the crease and brow bone, as the look would not be chic if that colour was placed everywhere. Line the eyes with a darker grey/blue liner top and bottom keeping the line thin.  Focus on detailing your brow to complete this look.

Go ahead and give one of these looks a go, it will be really fun and hopefully you will be inspired again by Aqua blue eyeshadow like I am.

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