The Most Stunning Winter/Holiday Makeup!

"Every season its a must to upgrade a few beauty products and here is my advice on which products to change up."


 Winter is one of the most spectacular seasons for many many reasons. One of my passions, being makeup of course, and being able to show off those beautiful metallic pigments that I wait all year for. We get to wear the deep plum lip or velvet red lip, or the bold black liner... Read more »

Hot Summer Look…With The Right Makeup

How to: get a warm summer nights makeup just right!

So if everyone could take a moment to reflect with me in regards to your childhood specifically and the memories we have as kids, are they good or bad? While I am sure we all had our ups and downs, one of my favourite memories was of my... Read more »

3 Step Winged Eye Liner

"Feel free to create your own styles using the 3 step technique."

A lot of us have either tried and failed..multiple times, at the wing liner and given up. Every person has a different eye shape so you must keep this in mind when trying to create this famous look. Adrienne has a tiny fold on the crease of her eye lid making it difficult to get a more dramatic wing.... Read more »