Muzewest Productions Gets Pampered

"Muzewest believes in the power of giving back to communities by sharing classical music experiences."

I had the ultimate pleasure working with some very talented musicians at the end of May for one of their truly inspiring concerts they put on for all to enjoy. On May 30th the concert was held at VSO School of music and here is a little background on why Muzewest is... Read more »

Blazers and Lipstick

"Why do we not surround ourselves more with things that make us feel great?"

There are a few things in life that we all love and usually cannot part from, at least not for too long, and that helps shape who we are. For example the ‘socialite’ who cannot go without her Louis Vuitton bag , or the ‘classic’ who will never step outside the house without her chignon and... Read more »

Fall 2014’s Must Have Makeup & Style Trends

"Floral, plaid, houndstooth, geometric, baroque, classic stripes, the list goes on and on.."


It is my absolute favourite time of year. It’s hard to decide on one season to love the most but I know the answer comes easy to me because every time it starts approaching I get obsessed!

I go crazy over-

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Winner of the Fashion Consult Contest

'Congratulations to Jessica Stanley, the winner of the Fashion Consulting Contest! '

Congratulations to Jessica Stanley, the winner of the Fashion Consulting Contest!

The winner receives a one on one personal stylist to asses her style goals and help gear her to re-invent her personal style.

We will keep you updated on the progress.

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