Summer Makeup Tutorial w/ Daysen Winter

"Start with a nice clean base, use a lightweight foundation for all over even coverage..."

We are right in the heat of it. Summer Time! Who doesn’t love it, with all the fresh air, lazy beach days and long nights spent under the stars. We need to look fabulous from day to night and this is a day to night series for the perfect summer makeup! (even when it rains).

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Hot Summer Look…With The Right Makeup

How to: get a warm summer nights makeup just right!

So if everyone could take a moment to reflect with me in regards to your childhood specifically and the memories we have as kids, are they good or bad? While I am sure we all had our ups and downs, one of my favourite memories was of my... Read more »

How to: Wear that perfect summer dress..and Rock it!

Avoid the celebrity style nip slips

We have all been there, we have a dress or a top that has fun straps, cut-outs or plunging neck line, but we just cannot figure out how to wear the damn thing and not have our ta ta’s hanging all over the place. Most of us who are practical feelRead more »