The ‘Outside The Box’ Valentine Gift

"There is a solution, give the gift of STYLE!"

Photo Collage: Inspirational street style for Valentines Day.

Starting at top right clockwise;  Adding a red pant with a printed sweater, it just happens to have hearts, subtle way of hinting Vday yet not looking over kill. Bottom; Beautiful soft side swept locks, and a little drama in the eye makeup... Read more »

The latest in Fashion….Consulting that is

"..Trying different pieces of clothing on that you wouldn't normally have picked for yourself is a great way to open up the mind..."

We have all been there, wake up in the morning, go to the closet and struggle with what to wear. Day in and day out, its a constant struggle to find what goes with what, and if something doesn’t fit right, then you scrap that choice, or if you cant find the right accessory its... Read more »