Glamorous Red Carpet Makeup How To:

"These crucial steps are important to getting that polished look.."

It’s Oscar time!  The most anticipated Award show of the season and I absolutely love love love to see what everyone is wearing and of course to see what wonderful things they did with their makeup and hair. There are a few staple favourites of actresses that get 5 stars pretty much 100% of the... Read more »

The Most Stunning Winter/Holiday Makeup!

"Every season its a must to upgrade a few beauty products and here is my advice on which products to change up."


 Winter is one of the most spectacular seasons for many many reasons. One of my passions, being makeup of course, and being able to show off those beautiful metallic pigments that I wait all year for. We get to wear the deep plum lip or velvet red lip, or the bold black liner... Read more »

How To: Get Younger Looking Skin Using Makeup

"WARNING - you may get seriously addicted..."

Any women out there looking to simplify yet master their morning regimes? Using the wrong makeup or the wrong application just makes you look more aged and nobody wants that. As we get older so does the look of our skin and if we have the tools and skills to make ourselves appear healthier... Read more »