Brush or Sponge, Which Should you Choose?

"...frankly both are great for different reasons."

The long and everlasting debate: which is a better tool to use for your foundation and or concealer application? There are dedicated brush people and dedicated sponge people,  and the in between. I say there is a place for all,  frankly both are great for different reasons.

Beauty Blender


If you have yet to try the ultimately fabulous king of sponges, the Beauty Blender, it might change your perception on sponges forever. With its perfect shape for the ultimately perfect blend, you really can’t get any better. Anything you put on the sponge goes on the skin like silk. Your application time is cut in half as it blends in so effortlessly, plus the tip is perfect for those harder to reach places making it a great tool for applying concealer. The Pro’s love it too! Way less waste than using disposable sponges meaning better for the environment. The Sponge is super easy to clean especially with the Beauty Blender Cleanser. Only very few bars of soap actually clean the blender(from my trial and error) that is why I absolutely recommend the blender cleanser or blender cleanser solid. Wash and reuse for a convenient way to apply or clean up easily.


Foundation Brush


I will admit I was a long time lover of the foundation brush, and they come in many forms. Brushes do come in handy, firstly, they are easier to clean than a sponge, you just need a good quality brush cleaner and they are dry and ready for the next client in 2 seconds. That being said great for makeup artists that need choice but for your at home use the choice is up to you. Second, brushes are excellent and mandatory for pressed powder/powder foundation. A soft dense brush (left in picture) is a perfect example. Lastly, mineral/Loose foundation applies best with a brush, you can choose dense for more coverage or the brush shown in the middle (stippling brush) Also great for sheer liquid foundation.

Choose one that suits you best, either way you go be sure to keep your tools clean. You will get better use and longevity out of your tool and the product will always apply the best it should it just comes down to what works best for you.


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