Blazers and Lipstick

"Why do we not surround ourselves more with things that make us feel great?"

There are a few things in lifeFall 2014 Lip that we all love and usually cannot part from, at least not for too long, and that helps shape who we are. For example the ‘socialite’ who cannot go without her Louis Vuitton bag , or the ‘classic’ who will never step outside the house without her chignon and Chanel red lip.  For others it could just be not leaving the house without mascara, and making sure we got all the necessary clothing for being in public. This topic has a huge scale but we all make up a part of it that makes us ‘us’.Blazer

One of my favourite things in life, in general, (not just in regards to beauty) is lipstick. All colours, all formulas, all finishes. The way it changes an outfit, changes your mood and simply but purely the way it makes you feel.The way it makes me feel. Empowered, energized, relaxed, confident, succesful, chill, or just. This is why I am so drawn to it, and why many others share the same feeling.

I would have to say the same about Blazers. Blazers of all shapes and sizes, cropped, long, boxy, slim fit, boyish… The list goes on to colours, textures, patterns, collar, or no collar, cropped sleeve or long sleeved. Many ways to wear one and many takes on The Blazer. This is why it is so comparable to Lipstick. Very similar in the ways it makes us look, but mostly feel. Why do we not surround ourselves more with things that make us feel great? I do not mean we need ‘things’ in our everyday lives just filling up time and space but rather fill it only with the things that matter most to us individually in our lives. This is what defines us, this is whats makes us a part of who we are. Why we love and are loved, care and are cared for, worried and worried about. Just be you! (but an always stylish beautiful you!)

 L x

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