Be Wedding Ready In 4 Important Steps

"Your skin will be glowing and prepped for the perfect makeup application."

Get the best skin:


Get on a schedule with your skin therapist/facialist at least 2 months ahead to get your skin prepped and ready to go. That way, come a few weeks before the wedding, your skin will have gone through what it needs and be calmed down and looking fresh.

If thats not the route for you, then trying new things on your own at this point might not be the best idea but make sure to exfoliate at least once a week, do a few face masks along with it and give your skin the moisture it needs. Come the night before the big day give yourself your own at home facial with a scrub and a mask. Your skin will be glowing and prepped for the perfect makeup application.

Makeup & Hair:

If you have hired a makeup artist and hairstylist for your wedding then that is by far the best way to go especially if you have hired a photographer. One is just as important as the other.

Groom your brows-get on this early for shaping especially. Go see a pro and set up a plan to get your brows where you want them to be. Then a few days before the day, (depending on your sensitivity level), you can get a top up and have perfect brows.

Make sure to get a trial in for both hair and makeup about 1 month in advance that way you can make sure #1-Your Happy and #2- You have time to make changes if need be. If you are attempting this on your own, get all your playing around and experimenting out of the way well in advance. Crazy haircut planned? Do it! just think ahead if thats what you want for your wedding day.

Ali&Brad1803If you are having a destination or small wedding and are not requiring a makeup artist/hairstylist, your just going to ‘give it a go’ yourself? Please be sure to have a plan in mind, and maybe even stop into a beauty store (eg. BeautyMark). All employees are makeup professionals on hand and would love to give you a few tips and tricks and send you on your way to practice with the products you need.

For those who are traveling for their weddings and using a local makeup artist be sure to try and squeeze in a trial before the wedding day so you can be sure you and the artist(s) are on the same page and you get exactly what you want. I have heard of bad experiences before – (My sister at my wedding in Mexico got her hair done, lets just say she was an unhappy girl.)

Photographer, Photographer, Photographer:

Alison and Regan's Wedding

Not too much to say here as it is or should be VERY self explanatory for a day that you are putting so much effort and planning into to be perfect, and especially if you have a makeup artist, they go hand in hand in importance. Research photographers AT LEAST 1 year before, (unless you are getting hitched in less than of course). Just do it as soon as possible to really search which company or person is best suited to you both.

Photo’s make all the difference and usually prove very obvious which is professional and which were taken by your drunken Aunt.



If you care about your nails enough, which you should for your wedding, because why would you get a professional for pictures, hair and makeup but not for nails? Your hands especially will be bound to show up in A LOT of those pics so go see the pro’s at Varnish Nail Lounge right before the big day.

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