Laura Murray, Professional makeup artist expert! Loves to work in all aspects of makeup, T.V.,Film, photo shoots/print Bridal, Cosmetic Retail, Theatre, fashion.

Laura loves the way that you can change up your day or week just by changing up your makeup. Whether she pop’s over to a photo shoot, prepares for a full day on set, helps her customers pick out products or do a makeup application for a client who is just having a friday night out.  Laura loves all aspects of makeup so equally she could not give you just one. They all offer something different. Different Clients, different forms of makeup , and thats what keeps it so exciting for her. Constantly learning new ways, and techniques which is just the nature of the business, keeps her on her feet and ready for more, especially loving the time she gets to spend with regular clients and new ones. Its a very personal career and she wouldn’t have it any other way.


My training was with the prestigious Blanche Macdonald Centre, graduated in 2010. Amongst many aspiring makeup artists I just really knew what I wanted to do, always, and where to study, but I decide to travel and see what was out there then to learn what I already knew. What a fabulous experience but it never stops there. With many magazine subscriptions, blogs, and continued education out there its an easy and fun to stay up to date. Being the Floor Manager at the fabulous beauty boutique Beauty Mark for the past year and a half I can’t even tell you how much there is to learn about this industry and what you keep learning. Its so exciting to teach people what you know about makeup, skincare, and hair care. That’s what I do all day and will always enjoy!


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