3 Step Winged Eye Liner

"Feel free to create your own styles using the 3 step technique."

A lot of us have either tried and failed..multiple times, at the wing liner and given up. Every person has a different eye shape so you must keep this in mind when trying to create this famous look. Adrienne has a tiny fold on the crease of her eye lid making it difficult to get a more dramatic wing. Unfortunately we all don’t have the perfect lids to get all the fun possibilities out there but I have created a video to show how to do a simple winged eyeliner. I used the Geisha Ink Liquid Eye Liner in black, because it is the best (many might disagree..but have you tried it?) I have tried many many liquid liners and this one is by far the best. We love it so much at the store that it’s the only black liquid eye liner we sell.

I have 3 simple steps to show you how to achieve this look.

Step 1. Make Your Mark

Step 2. Fill in the Wing

Step 3. Follow your line through

Feel free to create your own styles using the 3 step technique.

Want to see another makeup tutorial video? I would love to hear from you so let me know what inspires you and I will make it happen. Please let me know your comments below.

L x


Thanks to BeautyMark for letting us shoot the video at the store! Don’t forget you can reach me anytime at BeautyMark @ 1268 Pacific Blvd.