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Laura Murray

"Working with Laura was a joy! Being a toddler mom, most of what I wore was very functional but out of date, and I paid little attention to fashion. I was in desperate need of an overhaul of my wardrobe but didn’t have the time nor the focus to figure out what was no longer a good fit for me. Laura spent time with me going through clothes and accessories in my wardrobe, and together we decided to get rid of pieces of clothing that was no longer a good fit (something I would otherwise never, or take a long time, to do on my own). It is very powerful and liberating for a professional to go through this purging process with me. Self admitting, I also have a very poor sense of fashion and shopping for clothes has always been a chore. Laura and I went out for a shopping session and she picked out great clothes for me that I would not have chosen myself. We also did an online browsing session and she took the time to put together a look book for me so I have something to follow when shopping on my own. Laura was so lovely to work with and it made this very personal process something very fun and enjoyable."


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